Coronvirus (COVID-19) First Responders NYC-2020

The largest nursing union in the state filed suit again two hospital systems and the New York Department of Health on Monday, “alleging that dangerous work guidelines and protective gear shortages exacerbated the spread of the novel coronavirus,”. The suit says nurses were not given enough masks and gowns and were forced to re-use items, getting them and family members sick. Nearly a thousand members of the New York State Nurses Association have so far tested positive for coronavirus. Eighty-four of them are hospitalized, and 11 have died.

New state data revealed that at least 14 nursing homes in the New York metro area have lost at least 25 people to the coronavirus. Nearly 2,700 people have already died at nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in the state during the pandemic.

At least five New York City–area nursing homes have reported more than 40 deaths, including the Cobble Hill Health Center in Brooklyn, where 55 people have died, and Kings Harbor Multicare Center in the Bronx, where at least 45 people have died. As the New York Times reports, family members of people inside nursing homes in the state have been asking for this information for more than a month. On Friday, Governor Cuomo blamed the delay on the the institutional stress the facilities have faced during the pandemic.

Among the nearly 5,500 deaths from a new coronavirus in New York are 41 MTA employees, according to MTA Chairman Patrick Foye.New York, where the MTA serves, has been hit hardest with the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and as of Tuesday, 138,863 people have tested positive. Foye, who tested positive for the virus in late March, told WCBS Radio Wednesday morning that an estimated 1,500 MTA employees have tested positive for the virus.”[They] have been throughout this entire pandemic, acting heroically,” Foye said of his colleagues. “We mourn the loss of every one of our colleagues.”

A total of 282 FDNY members — EMS, firefighters and civilian workers — have tested positive for COVID-19.Oren Barzilay, head of paramedics union Local 2507, which represents EMS workers, said the coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on his members.

“It’s really heart-wrenching work. It’s going into a house and not knowing what to expect,” Barzilay said. “We’re taking sick people to the hospitals not knowing if they’re going to come out alive or not.”He said there are EMS units where nearly all of the workers are sick.

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