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    Welcome to Humanitarians of the World, Inc.

    Humanitarians of the World, Inc. helps raise money and awareness to humanitarian causes around the world. Your contributions can help save a life for:

    • Hurricane Disasters in the Caribbean
    • Leprosy in India
    • Orphans and the disabled around the world
    • Starvation and hunger in Africa
    • Tsunami disasters
    • Victims of Katrina

    YOUR Urgent help is needed immediately for CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

    As you know dear, friends, and humanitarians for the past 2 months this world has turned upside down with this Coronavirus (COVID-19), resulted in us in canceling our fundraiser on Sat Nov 7th, 2020. We are struggling like many non-profit organizations in NY and nationwide, doing great work.

    We are looking for Money Donations, whatever you can give, to help us to keep our doors open and donations of Masks, Gloves, Gowns, for us to donate to First Responders, Senior Citizens, and other needy people.

    To donate please go to our HOTWINC Coronavirus Donations at https://www.hotwinc.org/gallery/donations/coronavirus-donations/

    Remember our Motto: Your Contribution to Hotwinc can help save a life!