The Officers

Dr. Adal M. Hussain, PhD (Dr. Abbey) Co-Founder

Dr. Abbey founded the H.A.D. Organization of N.Y.C., Inc. in 1989. The main objective of that organization was to get young kids, as well as adults, involved in a variety of sporting activities, thus steering them away from drugs. Dr. Abbey was born and raised in Sheffield, England. At the age of 9, Dr. Abbey, with the help of his father, held his first fundraiser to aid the people of Ethiopia during the drought and famine period.

In 1987, Dr. Abbey came to the United States of America from London, England having won the title of the “Greatest Pakistani/Indian Fighter in the World” in 1986, to pursue his dream to be a world boxing champion. When he witnessed firsthand, teenagers using crack on the Lower East Side of Manhattan he decided to forego his dream and instead spend his time, energies and funds to help change this situation. Dr. Abbey has been honored with over 400 awards from around the world for his humanitarian work.

Dr. Abbey is the Co-Founder of Humanitarians of the World Inc, and an Officer of the HOTW, Inc Medals committee which honors humanitarians around the world. He is also the Executive Producer of World Liberty TV Online TV. “WLTV” is the World’s fastest growing Multicultural Online TV which is viewed by over 1.5 million people around the world via the website and social media.


Betty Coker; Executive Director, President, & Co-Founder

Betty was president of H.A.D. for 15 years and is currently the President and Executive Director of HOTWINC. She worked as a social worker for the City of New York for the past 35 years, and is now retired. Betty also has her own line of fashion apparel through the company she founded and continues to operate, "Bee Cee Designs, Inc." She enjoyed coordinating H.A.D. fashion shows and working with models, entertainers and people associated with the fashion industry in general. Due to long standing with the organization and her tireless efforts and devotion to humanitarian causes, Betty was appointed President and Executive Director of the Humanitarians Of The World Inc, (HOTWINC) organization on May 25, 2011.


Emile Griffith (1938–2013)

When he was thirteen, the Griffith's family moved to New York City. Three years later, at the tender age of sixteen, Emile found employment in a hat factory. In his prime, Griffith was 5-foot-7 1/2 and weighed 155 pounds, with an enviable 26-inch waist. His physique caught the eye of fight manager Howard Albert, who brought in trainer Gil Clancy to work with Griffith. After two successful years as an amateur, Emile had his first professional fight on June 2, 1958 which made him victorious after only 4 rounds. He won 21 of his next 23 bouts before being matched against Benny "Kid" Paret for the welterweight title at Miami Beach on April 1, 1961. Emile won with a knockout in the 13th round. He lost the title to Paret in a controversial 15-round split decision on September 30, 1961. The third fight between Emile and “Kid” Paret took place on March 24, 1962, in New York City. Griffith trapped Paret against the ropes in the 12th round and pummeled him with a long series of punches. Paret went into a coma and passed away a week later.

Emile lost the title again to Luis Rodriguez on March 21, 1963, and regained it on June 8, 1963. He tried to move up to the American middleweight championship against Don Fullmer on August 20, 1965 but lost a 12-round decision. Nevertheless, Emile fought for the world middleweight title on April 25, 1966 against Dick Tiger, winning a 15-round decision and becoming only the third fighter to hold both the welterweight and middleweight championships at the same time.

Emile was part of the H.A.D organization for 15 years. He made appearances at annual fundraisers, sports clinics, and several other events that supported humanitarian causes. Emile was the official Sports Ambassador for H.A.D. Inc. and he had taken the same position at HOTWINC before he passed away on July 23, 2013 in the town of Hempstead NY. The HOTWINC committee has named a medal after Emile Griffith known as the “HOTW Sports Humanitarian Medal” given to an individual who is in the sports profession who has done outstanding work for humanity. The medal will be presented annually by Emile Griffith’s son; Luis Griffith.


Gloria Smith, Secretary

Gloria Smith worked with H.A.D. for 6 years and is now treasurer of HOTW, Inc. She has been a school teacher for the past 25 years in Queens, New York. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and loves to travel all over the world. She writes about different topics on international business, cultural events, and various issues that primarily concern women. As a reporter for the Liberty News Online magazine, Gloria attends events that focus on women of all nationalities and writes about this in the magazine’s Cultural Section. Gloria worked for the H.A.D organization for the past 4 years on fundraising events, feeding the homeless, and serving on youth committees. During that time and continuing today, Gloria works with her church on several other humanitarian projects.


Lidia Evita ; Treasurer

Lidia Evita, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was a super model of Latin America for 3 years in a row. She performed community work throughout all of Latin America, helping thousands of people through fundraising, monetary contributions and donating clothing for hundreds of homeless woman and children throughout Latin and Central America. Lidia has won numerous humanitarian awards for her excellent work. Lidia worked with the H.A.D organization for the past 12 years assisting the organization as an advisor on Latin American issues here in the United States. She will continue her work for HOTWINC throughout the Latin American communities.


Steve Paul Mark, Esq., Legal Consultant

Steve Paul Mark is the official attorney for HOTWINC. Steve has been an Entertainment and Intellectual Property attorney for over 30 years. Throughout these years he has also handled corporate issues, commercial leases and business transactions. Steve spent about half that time in corporate positions and the other half in private practice. He practice includes all areas of entertainment representing virtually any entity or individual imaginable. Steve has worked for companies whose clients included the top 5 entertainment conglomerates and independent documentary filmmakers and with entertainers with recognizable names to a child actor in her first role. Steve’s business deals are in the film, television, and music arenas as well as book publishing, personal appearances, live stage and new technologies. Amongst his favorites are “South Park”, “Ren and Stimpy”, “Rugrats”, the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and HBO’s On Location series. Attorney Steve Paul Mark is also the author of “Drift”, available at all leading book stores, including Barnes and Nobles and on line at