kanubaiDr. Kanubai Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, & President of Mahatma Gandhi Foundation.

“I am deeply honored that HOTWINC’s selection Committee named its highest Medal after my Grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, I and my organization Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, fully support the mission, the cause of HOTWINC, if my grandfather was alive today, he will be very proud of the work HOTWINC, and its volunteers are doing for the World. I am also proud to be appointed, International Chairman of the HOTWINC Organization, and I will pledge my support in any way I can help in the cause, my grandfather believed in and died for.”


al lewisGrandpa Al Lewis, Entertainer, Advocate & Humanitarian (1923-2006)

“I want to say, Mr. Abbey Muneer is the hardest working man as an Humanitarian, I’ve known, helping everybody who needs his help, without taking one penny in return, for his services, me and my wife Karen have attended many H.A.D. Fundraisers and have seen firsthand experience, the Great work they do, also I am proud to be the Columnist and one of the original founders of Liberty News Online Magazine, I know I will not be around forever, but I will be around them in spirit!”


griffnithEmile Griffith, Former 6 Time World Boxing Champion, Hall of Famer and Humanitarian (1938-2013)

“I have worked and served as Vice President for H.A.D. as a volunteer, for the HOTWINC organization for 15 years. I have made appearances at annual fundraisers, sports clinics, and several other events that supported humanitarian causes. I am also the official Sports Ambassador for H.A.D and will continue in the same position with the HOTWINC.

I am very honored the HOTWINC. Has named a medal after me The HOTWINC Emile Griffith Sports Humanitarian Medal , this is one of the greatest honors bestowed on me, it even means more to me than being in the Boxing Hall of Fame, years after I am not around any longer my name will live on in the medal. I also look forward on an annual basis of presenting this medal, to worthy honorees.”

HOTWINC Testimonial COIVD-19 Jean ShafiroffJean Shafiroff, Philanthropist, Author - Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give , and Advocate

“I thank Humanitarians of the World, Inc. for the good work you do. With the Covid-19 pandemic, your work is more valuable than ever. It is my pleasure and honor to support your work on both a local and international level. Thank you for helping those most in need during this most difficult times."