Board of Directors

Charles Spinella, Video Production
Charles Spinella is an aspiring screenwriter who is developing his creative talent for storytelling through the means of video production and scriptwriting. Charles is a graduate of St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY with a degree in Communications specializing in Advertising/PR and Film/Broadcasting. Charles has previously volunteered himself with humanitarian work in soup kitchens serving food to the homeless community, as well Humanitarian work through HOTWINC such as packing necessities for the people displaced by the Hurricane Sandy disaster as well as driving the officers of the organization to the location of the people in need from the Far Rockaways who were badly hit by the Sandy disaster.

Arnold Martin, Publisher
Arnold Martin is the vice president of Show Business Inc. publishers of Show Business Magazine, "The original actors guide since 1941". Show Business Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that helps NYC high school drama students prepare for a career in the performing arts industry. look forward to helping and assisting Hotw Inc, in its humanitarian projects.

Manuel Blue, Music Producer
Manuel Blue is an aspiring Music Producer who has been producing music for well over a year now. He is currently a student attending Brooklyn College studying Business Management and Finance. He is hoping to land a career within the music business. Manuel has been busy working with HOTWINC for the past year composing music for the documentaries for the HOTWINC Channel as well as its sister company, WLTV. Manuel is very passionate about his work for humanity, his interests are to further his humanitarian skills by working with HOTWINC humanitarian projects. Manuel is currently volunteering for a program called “Jumpstart” which prepares pre-k students for kindergarten as well as the future by mentoring them and working with the children one on one, and building that bond.

Leslie Rae, Official Photographer
Leslie Rae has lived most of her life in New York City. In her role as a professional photographer, she has taken pictures for the H.A.D organization’s humanitarian events and causes. Leslie’s photographs not only made it in the Liberty News Online magazine, but for the past 15 years they have been published in various newspapers, on several websites, and Press Releases. Leslie also served on the fundraising and entertainment committees for the ‘mega shows’ staged by the H.A.D organization. She will continue in this role for HOTWINC.

Lily S. Rocio; Humanitarian Advocate
Ms. Rocio has worked in many parts of Latin America including Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. Ms. Rocio has worked on projects such as medical foundations where they went out into the communities and doing medical exams on the poorest of poor in effort to treat blood pressure, diabetes, or any other conditions they might have as well as helping pregnant women by helping them with nutrition, breast feeding, and other things related to pregnancy issues. Ms. Rocio has worked with HOTWINC in helping and assisting feeding homeless and underprivileged families as well as distributing food and clothing to the Sandy disaster victims in the Rockaways. She looks forward to working with HOTWINC and its officers with the Humanitarian projects they are associated with.

Ronald Inga: IT Expert
My name is Ronald Inga. I am from Ecuador and I have been in New York since 2001. I became passionate about technology which leaded me to pursue a degree in computer engineering. I have two years working as an It technician supporting users. What I like about my profession is learning, helping and teaching people about new technologies. Technology has impacted our life's in very positive ways making our life's easier, but it can turn into a negative impact if we do not know how to work with technology.  My compromise with Humanitarians of the World is to pass my knowledge to needed people making them savvy about technology,and as a person help in many ways the Humanitarians of the World Inc,would like me to do so i can make a contribution to humanity through my IT Skills.