Modeling, Fashion Designers & Entertainer

Over The past 15 years we have had an annual fashion and awards gala events for the H.A.D organization to raise the necessary funds to continue our humanitarian work. We will continue to have annual fashion and awards gala for the HOTWINC Organization. We are presently looking for Models, from the 5 to 60 years of age. Your height, weight, race, religion, ethnic backgrounds, etc. are not issues that will disqualify you from modeling for us. In addition, no experience is necessary to model at our fundraisers.

Our Models

During the twenty years that we held these shows we have had hundreds of models from Latin America, Europe, U.S.A., Russia, and Asia, representing all weights, sizes and heights, including world famous pageant winners such as Ms. India/NY 2001, Ms. Panama '98, Ms. Jamaica/USA, and sports champions such as Ms. Tonya White, Women's World Wrestling Champion, (Southeastern Pro Div.). We have also featured professionals who were highly experienced in the field of modeling and whose objectives were gaining exposure for themselves as well as providing a service to the community. We have also featured amateur models, aspiring models and people with no experience. These models were all trained in-house by our organization's fashion committee.

Interested in modeling with us?

Our fashion committee and our Designers are looking for (Volunteer Members) male, female and children models (ages 5 years and older), plus-size models, twin models, petite models, and mother & child (child must be 5 years or older).

• Volunteer members
• Male models
• Female models
• Children models (ages 5 years and older)
• Plus-size models
• Twin models
• Petite models
• Mother & child models (child must be 5 years or older)

Fashion Designers:

We are also looking for Fashion Designers, From All Walks of Life to upcoming to established Designers for Male, Female and Children to participate, in our Annual Gala’s and get huge exposure via our World Liberty TV, Fashion & Fashion Review Channels and Social Media and be seen by millions worldwide.

World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel:
World Liberty TV, Fashion Review Channels:
World Liberty TV, Fashion Photo-Gallery of who is Who?


We are also looking for all kinds of Dancers, Singers, Bands, Comedians Emcee’s from all walks of life to participate in our Annual Hotw Inc Fundraisers ,from Amateurs, Professionals or upcoming talent we want to hear from you, You will get Huge exposure via our World Liberty TV, Entertainment and Celebrity Channels, and be seen by Millions of People Worldwide:

World Liberty TV, Entertainment Channels:
World Liberty TV, Celebrity Channels:
World Liberty TV, Celebrity and Entertainment Photo-Gallery Who is Who?

Do you want participate as a Model , Fashion Designer and a Entertainer with HOTWINC?

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