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Since May 2007 Humanitarians Of The World Inc, (HOTWINC) has been in existence, we are looking for volunteers and members to work with our humanitarian projects, including, feeding and finding shelter for the homeless, working with people with disabilities, i.e. AIDS, Lupus, etc., teaching children and young adults, working with youths in various sports programs, and other programs that will be added as we grow. We are also looking for volunteers to work on HOTWINC All-Star Charity Fashion and Entertainment Shows, and the Annual Humanitarian Medal Awards Gala.

If you agree to work with HOTWINC you would be…

(1) Assisting with the sale of event tickets, tote bags, t-shirts and advertisements for the journal, and getting companies and/or individuals to donate items and products to raffle off at our fundraising events.

(2) Working with World Liberty TV by attending and covering events which will include writing articles, taking pictures, and networking purposes to further the cause and mission of HOTWINC.

(3) Serving on the Fundraising Committee, the Event Planning Committee, the Selection Committee, the Advisory Committee and any other committee that is designated by the organization.

(4) We are seeking Graphic Designers, Webmasters, Photographers, Video film makers, and Professional Fundraisers to help us grow and maintain the business of the organization.

(5) We are also looking for an office or facility to work from. If you have an office available please contact our office at (718) 507-7616 between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm, EST so that we can discuss this matter including the tax benefits to your company for donating office space or a building to HOTWINC.

Why not join our efforts to help those that are in dire need of help by providing us a place to conduct our business?
The contribution of any other skills you believe would be of benefit to the organization, will be welcomed.

Our Motto: Your Contribution to HOTWINC can help save a life!

HOTWINC operates solely on its own without any monetary assistance from the City, State or Federal Governments. Our organization exists because of the generosity of caring people like you and God-loving people who work together as a team to make a difference by bringing about positive change in this world. Had it not been for humanitarians, H.A.D./HOTWINC would never have survived for the 18 years it has been in existence. Seventy-five percent (75%) of all monetary is used for the sole purpose of providing aid to those who need it most. The following outline explains the membership benefits and responsibilities of an HOTWINC volunteer or member:

For a free Volunteer/Member Humanitarian Presentation, please feel free to telephone me at (718) 507-7616 between the hours of 8:00a and 8:00pm., EST., or email us at

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