Hotwinc Inc collaboration with United Sherpa Association(USA) Inc COVID-19 Food Presentation-2020

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor For World Liberty TV

On Friday Aug 19th 2020, Humanitarians of the World Inc’s volunteers attended the United Sherpa Association (USA) Inc COVID-19 Food Presentation-2020 at the temple located in Elmhurst Queens.

Volunteers of Sherpa Association

Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC), since the COVID-19 Started has presented bags full of Food, basic necessities like , tee shirts, Socks, hats, masks, gloves , hand sanitizers and much more.

On this day, we presented to 5 volunteers our 500th bag since COVID-19, to the volunteers of United Sherpa Association (USA) Inc, who have been very active helping thousands of needy, homeless, people in our communities, since COVID-19.

Close to 300 Needy people waiting on line for food

In our Video presentation you will hear from The President of United Sherpa Association (USA) Inc, Mr Urgen Sherpa, who talks in detail about the organization and the Food program which has benefitted the thousands of needy people, homeless and people with COVID-19.

Also you will also hear from Ms Tshering Sherpa, Chief Financial officer, who works and organizes many of these Humanitarian projects through her organization of United Sherpa Association (USA), Inc alongside the board of directors and many volunteers who help out on a regular basis with this cause.

Interviewing Urgen Sherpa President United Sherpa Association USA Inc

You will also hear from 5 of the officers of the United Sherpa Association (USA), Inc , who have been helping and volunteering their time to this cause. We at Humanitarians of the World Inc, gave each one of these 5 volunteers a special presentation as a thank you for their service to humanity. We are also happy to say it was Humanitarians of the World Inc, 500th bag given to Needy, Homeless, first respondents, Health care professionals and volunteers.

Dr Abbey with Ms Tshering Sherpa Organizer of food event

About kyidug: United sherpa association (usa), inc : United Sherpa Association Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit non-political corporation in accordance with New York state laws in June 1996. It is a tax-exempt charitable organization under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The association attempts to contribute the greater mission of establishing united and prosperous Sherpa community by developing common platforms for preservation and promotion of the unique socio-cultural and linguistic heritage.

Dr Abbey with an Asian Senior Citizen on Food Pantry line

The association encourages and facilitates for active participation of different age groups from various professional backgrounds, particularly the younger members in the community activities for creating environment to transfer the unique endemic knowledge and skills to the future generation.  The association also supports all the stakeholders to develop linkages, networks, and instruments for awareness, empowerment and diverse economic opportunities; and to enhance better mutual relationship with other communities.Our mission is to establish a united and prosperous community with a unique and rich cultural heritage in USA.

Objectives: To create a common platform for preservation and promotion of cultural and linguistic heritage.To educate younger generation about culture and tradition through active participation in various community events by facilitating resources and incentives.

Close to 300 food boxes given out

To develop networks, linkages, and tools for diverse economic opportunities towards achieving greater community goals.

To facilitate, empower, and support various disadvantaged community groups including women and children by generating and mobilizing resources; providing necessary tools, resources, and links to meet their need of common interests.  To enhance better mutual cooperation and relationship with other communities and  organizations.

Dr Abbey presenting a Hotwinc bag to Longtime volunteer for food Distribution

Losar & Lhapso: The United Sherpa Association Inc. has been playing pivotal role in cultural preservation and promotion efforts since its conceptualization in New York in early 1996.  The association provides a common platform and facilitates to organize and celebrate most of the cultural events.  The associations also facilitates to form organizers (Lawas) in order to organize a particular event more effectively and efficiently.

Losar :Losar is the New Year for the communities who follow Lunar Calendar.  The compound word ‘Lo-sar’ is made up of two terms: ‘Lo’ (Year) and ‘Sar’  (new) in the Sherpa language. Therefore ‘Losar’ is the ‘New Year’.

L-R Dr Abbey with Tshering Sherpa ,Mr Sherpa and a volunteer

Obviously, it is one of the most important festive occasions for the Lunar Calendar following himalayan communities. This festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st month in Lunar Calendar. It usually occurs during February or March in Gregarian Calendar.

Due to lesser days in the whole year in Sherpa-Tibetan Lunar Calendar, in every three years, this day will be moved one month earlier according to other calendars such as the Gregarian calendar.

R-L Ms Sherpa & Mr Urgen Presenting Gifts to Hotwinc Volunteers Dr Abbey Veansant & Liliana

Lhapso: Lhapso is the worship of various gods and goddesses –mainly the different forms of Buddha, or community deities. This event is usually observed on the 3rd day of the New Year in Lunar Calendar.

However, the festival has been observed during different dates based on the suitable time for the specific community in a particular geographical region. For instance, the Lhapso is observed in April or May on a weekend rather then in February or March in the USA, particularly in the east coast because it is much warner in April or May.

President Urgen taking us on a tour of the temple talking about Butter lamps

Every year the ongoing organizers recommends the new lawas for the coming year.  The new team will be responsible to organize formal programs on the occasion of Losar and the Lhapso.

Disaster Relief:The Sherpa Kyidug has been responding major natural disasters, and calamities particularly in the remote and poor communities particularly in developing countries. As a charity organization, humanitarian efforts have always been the top most priority.

Dr Abbey Presenting Gift From HOTWINC Org to Monk at the Temple

The association had immediately responded the massive earthquake in Nepal in 2015 by raising more than $138K for the relief fund. The association has raised relief fund for the victims of Everest disaster in 2012.To learn more about United Sherpa Association (USA), Inc. Click here

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Dr Abbey presenting Hotwinc bag to VP of Sherpa Org

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United Sherpa Association USA INC Temple

About Humanitarians of the World Inc, : Humanitarians of the World, Inc. (HOTWINC), is also a not for profit 503(c) tax exempt organization. One of the goals of HOTWINC is to broadcast Humanitarian activities taking place throughout the world via its official online TV, “World Liberty TV Humanitarian Channel” located at Another goal of the organization is to recognize those individuals and entities that provide humanitarian services through charitable acts or activities throughout the world.

 Medals of recognition will be awarded to those whose humanitarian efforts assist, support, and further the economic, social, mental and physical well-being of the underprivileged, disenfranchised, suffering and/or downtrodden people of the world, as a way of honoring them at the annual fundraising galas, and eventually HOTWINC Hall of Fame annual events.The primary goal of Humanitarians Of The World Inc. is to help the neediest of people throughout the world wherever they may be in need.

South American kids with their mother waiting for a food box

Humanitarians Of The World Inc. does not receive federal, state or city funding but raises money through charitable contributions made by corporate or private concerns. The members of HOTWINC are caring community minded people that give their time and funds, to help those less fortunate and in dire need of assistance.

The very essence of the organization’s foundation is the humanitarian causes it serves. Seventy five percent of the money HOTWINC receives through fundraising and other charitable activities will fund the organization’s humanitarian causes.

United Sherpa Association USA Inc officers

See more educational videos like these in our Humanitarians of the world Inc, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Channel and blogs by clicking here.

Also we are in dire need of donations which are almost dried up, we are in dire need of raising money to keep our organization functioning.

We want to thank many of the people who contributed , Food, Bags, Masks, Plastic Gloves, Cereals, Milk, Fresh Juices, fresh produce, tee-shirts, hats, socks and many more items., to our Humanitarians of the World Inc.

Dr Abbey with a lady from korea in line for food pick up

We at Humanitarians of the World Inc, need immediate monetary contributions, so we can continue our Humanitarian projects throughout New York City, helping the neediest of the need. You can contribute anything from $5 $10 $20 $30 $50 $100 or if you are in an better financial situation you can contribute more. by clicking here.

Dr Abbey with an South Asian family waiting in food line

Please remember our Motto: “YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO HOTWINC CAN HELP SAVE A LIFE!”  to contribute to Humanitarians of the World Inc, by clicking here .

Disclaimer: We under no circumstances offering, medical advice  of any kind, or financial advice you must contact the professionals in the field of medicine and Professionals in the Financial sectors.

These videos, produced and directed by World Liberty TV, are for only educational purposes to give you information to reach out to the necessary people who might be able to help you.through these tough times during the Coronona Virus (COVID-19).

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