Introduction of Humanitarians of the World Organization (HOTWINC)

HOTW_Annaul Needy_Family_Presenation_2010

Humanitarians of the World, Inc. helps raise money and awareness to humanitarian causes around the world. Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiration to humanitarians around the world, but though nominated for the Nobel Peace prize five (5) times, he was never awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. HOTWINC is leading a campaign to change that. One of the goals of HOTWINC is to broadcast Humanitarian activities taking place throughout the world via its official online TV, “World Liberty TV Humanitarian Channel” located at Another goal of the organization is to recognize individuals and entities that provide humanitarian services through charitable acts or activities throughout the world. Medals of recognition will be awarded to those whose humanitarian efforts assist, support, and further the economic, social, mental and physical well-being of the underprivileged, disenfranchised, suffering and/or downtrodden people of the world, as a way of honoring them at the annual fundraising galas, and eventually HOTWINC Hall of Fame annual events.

The primary goal of Humanitarians Of The World Inc. is to help the neediest of people throughout the world wherever they may be in need. Humanitarians of the World Inc. can also be viewed at our sister company; World Liberty TV Humanitarian Channel at

HOTWINC is looking for all kinds of volunteers to work on committees and help humanity.

“Your contribution to HOTWINC can help save a life” all contributions are tax deductible fully allowable by law.

Dr.Abbey with Granpa Al Lewis & Wife 2000

Dr.Abbey with Granpa Al Lewis & Wife 2000

Beauty Queens honored - Annual Gala 2004

Beauty Queens honored at Annual Gala 2004

Dr.Abbey with Dr Fernadnez_&_Haddasa Holding up Phd Degree

Dr.Abbey with Dr Fernadnez & Haddasa Holding up Phd Degree

Dr. Abbey Muneer with the Korean Veterans_&_POW

Dr. Abbey Muneer with the Korean Veterans & POW

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