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BY: World Liberty TV Coronavirus (COVID-19) Team

Elmhurst Hospital, in Queens, New York, is a 545-bed city hospital that serves as a safety-net institution for a largely working-class immigrant population. The novel coronavirus has quickly spread through this vulnerable community, and the hospital is currently operating at more than 100% capacity. In an effort to free up precious beds, dozens of non-Covid-related cases are being transferred to other facilities.

R-L Dr Abbey with Dr. Masci of Elmhurst Hospital & Jeff Aubury Assembly Member

Inpatient wards are overwhelmed with those who, under different circumstances, would belong in intensive care units. This is the “epicenter within the epicenter” of the Covid-19 crisis in New York City.

A month ago, Elmhurst had no confirmed Covid-19 cases. Now, possible Covid-19 patients make up more than 80% of the emergency department. As the wave has crashed over Elmhurst Hospital, its leadership and team have responded with creative solutions while working in a bureaucracy not otherwise known to be lean, interactive, or nimble.

Mr Wayne Zimmerman COO, of Elmhurst Hospital delivering remarks

Following this observation, doctors at Elmhurst Hospital set up a tent — one of the first in New York — outside of the emergency department. This stemmed the tide in three ways: First, it kept non-critically ill patients out of the emergency room and away from risk. Second, it allowed us to assign physicians who typically work in ambulatory clinics to the tent, freeing up ER doctors for the more critical cases.

Dr Abbey Presenting Bags to Elmhurst Hospital Essential Workers

Finally, in the face of unprecedented demand, New York City hospitals have constrained supplies that need to be judiciously managed for high-risk patients. Keeping the critically ill apart from the non-critically ill helps us allocate resources appropriately.

Already, on multiple occasions, doctors at Elmhurst have scrambled to find a ventilator for a critically ill Covid-19 patient. We nervously anticipate the day when we will not have one.

Dr Abbey with James Capozzi Dir Hospital Police at Elmhurst Hospital

“Make more ventilators” is an obvious solution, but ventilators are complex machines, difficult to produce quickly, and they have been subject to an enormous surge in global demand. We need them immediately — not next month or next week.Staff at one of the hospitals in New York City hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic were surprised with complimentary vacations Friday.

Hundreds line up at Elmhurst Hospital for COVID-19 Testing

During their weekly call, the staff of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens were joined by the heads of Hyatt Hotels and American Airlines who announced that the entire 4,000 person staff, including doctors, physician assistants, nurses and facilities and food service workers, will be receiving a complimentary vacation in thanks for their service.

Dr Abbey Presenting Bag to Mrs Uchenna Onyia-Murphy who traveled, from Little Rock Arkansas

Queens is not the most populous borough, and it is far from the most densely populated. That’s all the more reason as to why the borough’s emergence as the center of the city’s worsening coronavirus crisis stands out.

Experts say the borough’s demographics might play a role in why the virus has spread so quickly through Queens. The borough is home to many city employees providing essential services — workers,  immigrants and low-income service workers.

Dr Abbey Presenting bag to 1st Responder at Elmhurst Hospital

Dr. Mitchell Katz, who heads NYC Health and Hospitals, says Queens has about half the number of hospital beds per thousand people than Manhattan. “Especially where Elmhurst is. There is a huge area of population that are extremely dependent on Elmhurst,” said Katz.

Experts say because testing is not readily available for everyone who is exposed to the virus, it’s difficult to track the true hot spots. “Testing is not to the scale that we would like it to be. So, it makes it very difficult to estimate the burden of disease in any one place because we’re simply not able to test everyone who has been exposed,” said Dr. Danielle Ompad, an associate professor of Epidemiology at NYU’s School of Public Health.

First Responders of Elmhurst Hospital

On Thursday May 15th 2020, we at Humanitarians of the World Inc, attended a Press conference and a luncheon organized by Assembly member Jeff Aubury and Rotary Club of Queens, to honor our essential workers, 1st responders at Elmhurst hospital, Mr Wayne Zimmerman COO, of Elmhurst Hospital spoke , in place of CEO Israel Rocha Jr. Chief Executive Officer, thanking every one, especially the essential workers and frontline workers, next speaker was Dr. Masci is the Chairman of the Department of Global Health at Elmhurst Hospital Center., who went on to say that he has never seen anything like this for the past 37 years, he has been serving Elmhurst Hospital.

Donations of Masks Donated to our 1st responders

Mr Jeff Aubury , New York State Assembly member for District 35, spoke how courageous, the first responders were and the essential workers, he presented each and every worker an Uber Certificate to use free rides and also alongside the Queens Rotary Club , provided lunch for Essential and Front line workers of Elmhurst Hospital.

We at Humanitarians of the World Inc, gave bags full of basic necessities, which included, Masks, Tee-shirt, Cap, Socks and other basic necessities to NYPD officers, 1st Responders and essential workers.

Dr. Masci Chairman of the Department of Global Health at Elmhurst Hospital Center

Also we presented a bag to a lady Mrs Uchenna Onyia-Murphy who traveled, from  Little Rock Arkansas, who told us that she and her daughter came here to help the front line nurses which her service was needed. alongside her daughter, and are here to help save lifes. A mother-daughter duo from Arkansas who are both nurses have recently taken their medical skills to the state where the novel coronavirus has hit hardest: New York.

Donations from all over USA of Masks Gloves and Medical Gowns To our Humanitarians of the World Inc

In the last few weeks, Uchenna Onyia-Murphy and Ona Onyia, of Little Rock, have been working in New York City-area hospitals. Uchenna Onyia-Murphy, a nurse practitioner, has been stationed at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, while her daughter, Ona Onyia, a registered nurse, has been working in the intensive care unit at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

Many people donated to our Humanitarians of the World Inc thank you America!

We want to thank all our people on the front line, who are doing a great job in saving lifes, at Elmhurst hospital , which is 2 blocks from our office, and its also the Hospital I and my family go to when we get sick and my son was born there, and it was just right to help as many of these people who are there to help us and protect us. Thank you ,you are our true hero’s.

Donation of Socks tee shirts, cups & hats donated to Elmhurst Hospital Essential workers

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The Scene outside Elmhurst Hospital

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Dr Abbey with Elmhurst Hospital Nurses

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Elmhurst Hospital The Epic Center of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Elmhurst Hospital Essentail workers

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