HOTWINC 20th Annual Toy & Food Presentation to needy families-2020

For the past 19 years on an annual basis, just a week before the Christmas holidays, we have been distributing Toys, Games, Books and electronic gadgets to thousands of kids and families in need with The Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toy and Food presentations on an annual basis.

Hats & Tee Shirts given to needy families

We distribute close to 100 bags, which contain enough toys and food for a family of four. Most of the toys are given to kids who have Cancer, MS and many other life threatening diseases and the parents are struggling to buy the kids the necessary toys for the holidays.

Also we have been donating toys to needy children, in the projects, homeless shelters throughout the five boroughs.

Many times we would also deliver some toys, at local hospitals to sick children, with Cancer, MS and many other life threatening diseases.

Dr.Abbey Hotwinc Co-Founder with Nepal Needy Family & United Sherpa Association Inc Officers

So this year we were not able to donate any toys at the hospitals to many children, because of the underlying conditions and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Year 2020, has been the worst year for many people around the world, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We at Humanitarians of the World Inc have been struggling more than ever to raise money and donations for our many Humanitarian causes.

Dr.Abbey packing Toys for needy kids

So this year, we did not get many donations of money or toys, so we ended up buying the toys for the children , because we decided that the toys are desperately needed , for many kids who are needy and parents are struggling now more than ever to support their households.

Humanitarians of the World Inc, officers and volunteers, got together and raised enough money for 50 bags of toys, games, books and electronic gadgets. The 50 Bags were given to 50 People with an average family of 4 people, total people of 200 were given toys and food.

Hotwinc needy family presentation to close to 40 people

I like to personally thank each and every one of our board of directors, Staff members and volunteers, who personally donated monetary funds, to make sure we were able to pull off our 20th Annual Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toy and Food presentation to needy children and families.

Let me take a movement to thank each and every one of our board of directors, staff members and volunteers, who personally donated monetary funds. Some of you have been laid off from your jobs and collecting unemployment, but you found a way to help us with this annual toy drive. Thank you , Thank you, without your help this would not of been possible, may God deeply bless each and every one of you with your health and wealth going forward.

Dr.Abbey & Rev Bruce with Indian Needy Family

On Sat Dec 19th 2020, we made our first stop with our volunteers, at the United Sherpa Association Inc, temple, where we distributed bags of toys to approximately 50 family members including kids. Many of the Himalayan community members were very thankful for getting the bag of toys and food for their kids and family members.

Many of the people who talked to us , went onto say since March 2020, since the COVID-19 Pandemic, has been in existence, they had ended up losing jobs, and getting unemployment which is also running out, as they don’t know what’s, going to happen to them and their families.

Dr.Abbey presenting bags of Toys and Food to 2 Himalayan Families

One lady Ms Rohi, from India, alongside her daughter and her 2 granddaughters, received a bag from us, she went onto say, her husband passed away, one of her granddaughter’s has Autism , and they are struggling with paying rent, and buying food and applied for Food Stamps and medical coverage and she worries on a daily basis of what’s going to happen to her and her family members. Ms Rohi, thanked the Humanitarians of the World Inc, for giving her family and her granddaughter with Autism   a bag of toys and food, she went onto say you folks have bought a smile to my face alongside my family members. We appreciate people like you exist so you can help people like us.

Many other of the Himalayan community needy families, had similar testimonials to share, we like to thank mr Urgen Sherpa, president of The United Sherpa Association Inc. For introducing the Himalayan needy families at the temple.

Dr.Abbey with Rev Bruce & Paster Alba Presenting a family of four

Next stop was at the CENTI-Church, New York, based in Jackson Heights, Queens New York, headed by Pastor Alba. Pastor Alba has been distributing food to about 500 people on a weekly basis.

Humanitarians of the World Inc, has been instrumental helping CENTI-Church in getting food, from Humanitarians of the World Inc, and the United Sherpa Association INC, to help her feed the masses of needy people, who are in dire need of food on a daily basis.

Pastor Alba , invited 10 families with kids, who really needed the Toys and the food for the holidays. Humanitarians of the World Inc, presented 10 bags full of Toys and food to each of the needy families.

Dr.Abbey with Hotwinc Banner

Jose who had three children, went onto say he lost his job, and is on public assistance and is struggling to get food on a daily basis, and there was no way to get any toys for his three children, once Pastor Alba told Jose about the Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toys and Food distribution and that he was one of the recipient alongside his family, to get an bag of toys for his children, he was so happy and thanked everyone from Humanitarians of the World Inc, and went on to say, thank God, organizations, like Humanitarians of the World Inc, exist and help families like him. We ended up giving an additional bag to Jose and his family since he had five people, his children immediately opened the bags and started playing with them immediately, as Christmas came to them early.

It bought tears to my eyes to see, this and how touching it is to help people who need help and are highly appreciative in what you do for them, no matter how small it is.

R-L Dr.Abbey with Paster Alba of CENTI Church & Rev Grodner

Then next we had a grandmother Garcia, with her granddaughter  who were in attendance, the grandmother went on to say, she had no money to buy gifts and presents for her family this year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, she went on to say, this will be the only toys her grandchildren will have this holiday, presented by Humanitarians of the World Inc.

Everyone we presented to, was unemployed, struggling and needy. Pastor Alba, said a prayer in honor of Humanitarians of the World Inc, Dr. Abbey and all the volunteers in attendance. She started off in her prayer God, thank you for Introducing Dr.Abbey to me and the Church, who has been a volunteer for 43 years, helping the neediest of needy people, helping our church to get food through his network of people and at the same time, giving toys and food to many of our worshipers.

Presenting to an Grandmother with her Granddaughter

Many of the other Toys were delivered to needy families throughout the 5 boroughs, by our volunteer’s.

So we are glad to say we made the right decision to do this, at The Humanitarians of the World Inc, all the people we touched, helped did acts of humanity, this is what we are about.

I want to thank Rev, Bruce Grodner, National Executive Director, American Clergy Leadership Conference, for his donation and volunteering to help us to deliver Toys to many of the needy families. I like to Thank Ron Vincent for donating a bag to a needy family in honor of  Lance Bobrow, who passed away from Cancer  6 years ago.  Humanitarians of the World Inc ,donated a bag in honor of Hazel Cathers, Executive  Director , Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club. who recently passed away. Also I like to thank, all our Board of Directors, Staff Members and volunteers for making the Humanitarians of the World Inc, Toy and Food presentation to needy children and families a super success.

Dr.Abbey With Rev Bruce & Urgen Sherpa with Nepal Needy Family

With that said, we are in dire need of monetary contributions and donations, to continue our humanitarian work and serve hundreds of people who rely on us on a daily basis. Please find it in your hearts to contribute, you can can donate, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or if you are in an better financial situation, you can do more, your help is urgently needed. Remember our “Motto”, Your Contribution to Hotwinc, can help save a life. If you cannot contribute kindly add our link to your social media platforms share with your Friends, Family members who might able to help us, thank you Humanity salutes you.

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