Testimonials of Friends Sponsors during Coronavirus (COVID-19)-2020

BY: World Liberty TV Coronavirus (COVID-19) Team

In this Blog and video you will hear testimonials, of many people who we have worked with throughout the years, who will speak about how they are handling the, Coronavirus (COVID-19).

These testimonials will be given remotely, as you know we cannot do one on one interviews as the social distancing curfew is in effect From the Federal, State and City Governments.

We will have a Businessman talk about his experiences, and how 3 of his family members passed away with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and what he is doing about it, and how he is Turing his tragedy into something positive.

A church leader, will share his testimonial, of what is happening in the religious houses of worship and how they are still able to reach people through other means.

A person who will give help, about healthy eating, what you should eat right now, eating healthy, eating right, and also when you do your online or grocery shopping , what to do with the food, before you eat it.

A religious leader heading one of the largest organization based here in New York City, will share his insights, what they are doing, with their worshippers, communicating ,praying and how online worshipping is working for them.

Also you will hear from a family of 5 how they are coping with themselves and their children through these testing times.

Albert Spies CEO & Founder Zguards

Alberto Spies, Founder and CEO of ZGuards:  born 1963 in the Dominican Republic, raised New York City, NY, Upper West Side. Educated at  Borough of Manhattan Community College, studied Business and Accounting, Employment 191988 – 1997, Anheuser Busch, Budweiser Truck  Driver Sales Representative in Metropolitan New York territory. 191998 – 2007    Inventor of Zip Guard Sport Sleeve. Obtained license for Spalding Worldwide through Regent Sports and sold in major sporting goods retailers throughout the USA. 2009 Diagnosed with 9/11 related Injury. 2009 – Present  Out on permanent disability, Current Invented ZGuards  Smart sleeve and Smart Band.

AS SEEN ON TV Deal Signed an agreement with Kevin Herrington original Shark on popular Shark Tank television show for upcoming Direct Response commercials to air on national broadcast and cable television, spring 2020. Family: Alberto is the proud father of 3 young men.  His oldest graduated from Sacred hearts university in 2017 and currently works in the media business in New York City. His two younger twins will graduate from Mercy college in the Spring of 2021. He just celebrated his 39th Wedding Anniversary this past October to his lovely wife Jacqueline.

We at Humanitarians of the World Inc, like to thank Mr Spies, donating Covid-19 Masks and ZGuard Braclets with COVID-19 Information inside it, educating many people about the Coronavirus and at the same time to raise necessary funds for Humanitarians of the World Inc, First Responders, Senior Citizens and other needy people. To make a donation go to our Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC) by clicking here.

To learn more about ZGuards you can go to their website by clicking here.

Vandana Ranjan Speaking about Holistic & Healthy Eating

Vandana Ranjan: Vandana Ranjan is an award winning, action oriented professional with experience in finance, accounting, bookkeeping and real estate industry.  Vandana works meticulously and conscientiously in clients’ favor. Vandana grew up in India. She is fluent in English, Hindi, and speaks Urdu as well.  Her grandmother and mother had great culinary talent as well as healing touch.  She learned cooking and nutritive food values from her grandmother.  Till date she follows her grandmother’s teachings.

Rev Bruce Grodner and his son Preston Alexander

Rev. Bruce Grodner: Born in Yonkers, NY lived most of my adolescent and teen age years in New Rochelle. Attended Peekskill Military Academy, Milford Academy and  New Rochelle HS – Fullerton College -Queens College- Unification Theological Seminary. Met the Unification Movement in 1973 and have been working since with the movement until present. Pastored the Unification Church in Colorado, Kansas, New York (Tarrytown and Harlem) ,Blessed in Marriage in 1982 to Debra Vander Meer We have one adopted son Preston Alexander now a senior in High School

Directed Camp Sunrise in Harriman State Park, NY; both a children and family camp on 500 acres with 64 building for 10 years while hosting thousands of children and families. As well as hosting many inner city youth organizations to allow them to experience the incredible beauty of nature.

Director of the National Council Church  and Social Action, New York. A Food Distribution program that served many nonprofit and community organizations Continued for a number of years serving food to not-for-profit run camps in Harriman State Park as well as serving 20 or so organizations in Manhattan.

2017 National Outreach Director American Clergy Leadership Conference a coalition of thousands of churches throughout the country working on Rebuilding the Family, Restoring the Community and Renewing the Nation and the World. Presently the National Executive Director American Clergy Leadership Conference.

Rev Paul Sladkus

Rev Paul Sladkus: Reverend Paul Sladkus – has been an Interfaith Minister for over 10 years. He studied at the New Seminary in NY.  He is an Ordained New York and World Certified All Faiths and Spiritual Minister.  Paul was Executive Producer of the April 5th International Day of Conscience Production.  Paul broadcasts daily on his www.goodnewsplanet.TV since 1998, and has created over 5,000 shows.  Paul is  focused on bringing medical supplies to America for the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Paul also is the Founder of Good News Corporation a humanitarian nonprofit. – where they have been involved with strengthening the message of the United Nations International Day of Peace with their www.peacedayparty.org live Times Square events on September 21. Paul is a Former TV Executive for CBS and PBS Channel 13, having worked on over 150 Network TV Award Winning Shows and Series including:  All in the Family, Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnet, Love of Life on CBS and on PBS Channel 13 the Nature and Brain Series.

Daniel Shapiro with family members

Daniel Shapiro and family: We did an testimonial via questions with Daniel Shapiro and family and how a family of 5 are handling the Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown.

WLTV: Your Name Title introducing of family members? DS: Daniel Shapiro – husband, Zoryana Lyuzan – wife, Gregory Shapiro 15 yo – Daniel’s son from first marriage,Sofia Luyzan 9 yo Zoryana’s daughter from first marriage and Sammy Shapiro 7 month Daniel’s and Zoryana’s son.

WLTV: Tell us how you are handling the Coronavirus Lockdown with Family? DS: It is very very difficult. All 5 people are locked up in a small 2 bedroom apartment. Every family member has their own schedule. Kids do remote school study daily from 8:20am to 3:00pm and we had to provision for them 2 extra laptops. They also occupy 2 separate rooms, making already our tight apartment even smaller. The baby has his own sleeping patterns, I’m constantly on the PC or on my phone interviewing and looking for job, the wife is torn apart feeding everybody, cleaning and constantly preparing food for the big family.

3.WLTV: You are unemployed, what are you doing to find a job via the internet and remotely, and what has your success rate been? DS: Yes, I lost my job on the March 1st 2020. The company I was employed with as a consultant saw the bad times coming and eliminated my position so I became jobless at the worst possible time. I’m constantly sending my resume, checking various job related websites and talking to recruiters.  I had a number of interviews but no job offers came as of yet.

4.WLTV: what kind of indoor activities are you doing with your 3 kids to keep them occupied? DS: The newborn has his toys and is playing with them, he is too young to take participation in any meaningful social activities. Older kids play computer games against each other, help around the house with cleaning, house chores and sometimes they watch over the baby. We try to stay together as a family and assemble jigsaw puzzles, I play with kids some simple games like hide and seek, we solve crosswords as well. Once a week we go outside to the park for a walk and that is the best time for the entire family but we try to limit our exposure to the outside world to bare minimum.

We want thank the above participants, for sharing their wisdom with our viewers, to see above video interviews go to our World Liberty TV, Coronavirus,COVID-19 Channel by clicking here.

This video Testimonials of Friends Sponsors during Coronavirus (COVID-19)-2020, is purely for educational purposes and to bring awareness, under no circumstances, we are giving Medical advice, of any kind, for that you must contact a professional person who will be able to help you with this matter.,

By going to the following websites: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) www.cdc.gov    , as the nation’s health protection agency.

(WHO), World Health Organization: primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations system. Came into force on 7 April 1948, main areas of work are health systems; health through the life-course; non communicable and communicable diseases; preparedness, surveillance and response; and corporate services. www.who.int

If you are based in New York City you can call 311 and for people outside of New York City, check with you local government, about the exact telephone numbers to reach the right people you need to contact.

See more Coronavirus (COVID-19), videos and blogs in our World Liberty TV, Coronavirus (COVID-19) channels and blogs by clicking here.

Disclaimer: Each one of the above people are expressing their own opinions, World Liberty TV, It producers, staff is not responsible for any opinions Expressed by the above participants.

We under no circumstances offering, medical advice  of any kind, or financial advice you must contact the professionals in the field of medicine and Professionals in the Financial sectors.

These videos, produced and directed by World Liberty TV, are for only educational purposes to give you information to reach out to the necessary people who might be able to help you.through these tough times during the Coronona Virus (COVID-19).

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